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Big data creates injustices, because only the biggest corporations, universities and governments can sustain long, systematic, and well-organized data collection. Reprex builds collaborative data ecosystems, communities, that can share resources and access legally open but not available data sources. Our flagship products are the Digital Music Observatory and Listen Local, a system that tries to prevent global platforms colonizing local ecosystems with AI.

Sep 22, 2022 6:30 PM — 8:00 PM
Listen Local Kaunas

Our Listen Local project aims to develop tools that can be used by independent labels and self-releasing artists to make sure that their music finds relevant audiences in their scene, in their geographical environment and abroad.

The purpose of the meetup is to provide an informal setting to get to know each other, or exchange ideas and get into action. RSV on Keybase or via the contact form.

We are working with leading EU and UK universities and industry associations to find out why sometimes Kaunas-based music is not recommended to people in Kaunas on streaming platforms? Or how we could build applications that bring the local music ecosystem into the attention of visitors, tourists? Or how we could build games or educational applications that help local youth, pupils, students, educators, with artists in their town, and expand their music discovery to the province, their country, neighboring countries, instead of only recommending a few artists from New York, London, Rio de Janeiro or Seoul.

With the help of MusicAIRE and Horizon Europe, Europe’s premiere research and innovation grant, we are building open source tools to help to solve these problems, or allow other developers to build new applications and games.

Reprex is a member of the Dutch AI Coalition’s Culture and Media Working Group.

What is in Kaunas on this day?

Fluxus Festival, Parodos Hill & Ąžuolyno Park. {{/spoiler}}

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