data collection

Open Data - The New Gold Without the Rush

If open data is the new gold, why even those who release fail to reuse it? We created an open collaboration of data curators and open-source developers to dig into novel open data sources and/or increase the usability of existing ones. We transform reproducible research software into research- as-service.

Another Step to bring our Digital Music Observatory Closer To Your Metropolitan Area

Live music is the breadwinner of most music professionals, artists, technicians, and managers alike, and it is a very local business. To analyze the live music economy, and its connection with the recorded music business, we need to create indicators on regional, provincial, or metropolitan area level. We just made another step to localize our Digital Music Observatory.

Open Data is Like Gold in the Mud Below the Chilly Waves of Mountain Rivers

Open data is like gold in the mud below the chilly waves of mountain rivers. Panning it out requires a lot of patience, or a good machine. I think we will come to as surprising and strong findings as Bellingcat, but we are not focusing on individual events and stories, but on social and environmental processes and changes.