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Most businesses and institutions in the sector need to be bigger to hire data scientists, engineers, and ontologists; in most cases, they do not even have in-house IT. In the age of Spotify and YouTube recommender algorithms, TikTok, generative AI like ChatGPT, pristine metadata, and high-quality data must remain competitive and visible on the global music platform and festivals.

Our observatory aims to help with actionable data and open-source tools to improve the metadata of smaller music organisations or project their data to the right places of the data web. We want to spread knowledge and good examples to keep tabs on AI algorithms and feed them with the proper meta/data. Last but not least, we want to help make your revenue stream more sustainable from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

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Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal
Data Scientist & Founder of the Open Music Observatory

Founder of the Digital Music Observatory and co-founder of Reprex.