Private Copying in Croatia


This study argues that the cultural and welfare benefits of this private copying regime are enormous and important to create a good quality of life in Croatia for all age groups, but especially for young people, and it must be maintained. Furthermore, it is very advantageous for the tech sector, because their products are mainly used with unlicensed music and film copies, given that only a very small portion of the population pays for downloads, or subscribes to services like Spotify, Deezer or Netflix. The first measurement of licensed use of music, audiovisual content, home copying and value transfer to media platforms in Croatia for a practical update of the private copying remuneration in the country.

Press release: Studija: Naknade za privatno kopiranje (BTL) u Hrvatskoj drastično ispod prosjeka EU

Short summary in Croatian: Privatno kopiranje u Hrvatskoj Full text in English: Private Copying in Croatia