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Call for Innovation Labs

Check out our [slides](/slides/crea-innovlab-2023/). We are still looking for certain [partners](/project/crea-innovlab-2023/#potential-partners).
Check out our slides. We are still looking for certain partners.

We want to build a network of Innovation Labs, connecting labs and businesses that bring these novel scientific and innovation results nearer to civil society actors, individual creators, and microenterprises in services. We bring data-, sustainability-, rights management innovation, and novel distribution models nearer to the grassroots level of creation. We want to transform scientific and technical development into business development available for small creative organizations without a data engineering/science function.

Table of Contents

Potential partners

  • Creative enterprises with good YouTube (+Vimeo and other) distribution and rights management track record.
  • Market research, particularly survey based in film and television.
  • Services for private collections/collectors.
Who are we?

In 90 secs: our video introduction

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Open Music Observatory
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