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Open call for French partners to try out and join the Digital Music Observatory

Photo by Martin Zenzerovich

Reprex’s co-founder, the main developer of the Digital Music Observatory, Daniel Antal and Digital Music Observatory curator, Marie Zhorová participated in the MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris on 13-15 October within the JUMP Music Market Accelerator Program Program. We introduced our Digital Music Observatory to national music organizations and encouraged them to try out a cooperation with us. (See Use Cases below)

Our main aim was to find new users to our Digital Music Observatory, and to find partners for a future Horizon Europe R&D project to develop the scientific pillars of the Observatory in a manner that meets practical industry needs and the feature requirements laid out in hte Feasiblity Study for a Euroepan Music Observatory.

Our concept was introduced in Le Trianon to a wider audience during the JUMP Music Market Accelerator Pitch Session and in one-to-one meetings to representatives of French national organizations. We have also started to investigate the possibility to cooperate with two startups to bring our data services closer to artists, labels, and publishers.

Use Cases

Fair Streaming

Daniel introduced our work made for the UK IPO’s Music Creators’ Earnings in the Digital Era Project about the justified and not-justified differences among music rightsholders earnings and the diminishing market value of streams. We believe that our UK approach is a particularly interesting addition to join with the distribution analysis performed by the Centre Nationale de la Musique and Deloitte in France.

Fair Value

Daniel introduced to collective management professioanls our innovative approach for private copying valuation, royalty price setting, estimating the values of value transfer to media platforms, and other topics of interests for collective management and rights management organizations. Our approach has a proven track record to increase revenues for creators.

Open Music Observatory

We introduced our approach to building the European Music Observatory in a decentralized way, relying not only on the resources of Creative Europe but also on Open Science, Horizon Europe, bringing the music industry, music research in universities and cultural policy under one open collaboration. Because France is building its own music observatory of a kind, the decentralized approach could particularly benefit French stakeholders.

Listen Local

Marie and Daniel introduced the Listen Local project to startups. Our Listen Local project analyzes why recommendation engines do not recommend locally relevant music (such as music from Paris in Paris, Slovakian music for Slovaks) and offers alternative approaches and fixes. We were discussing with other startups serving artists and small labels to bring down our macro-level approaches’ benefits to the level of aritsts, as we did in our experimental project in Slovakia supported by our scientific research cooperation (see our pre-print manuscript.)

Why Data Observatory?

Our use cases highlight the value of having a wide range of data available for the industry players, researchers and policy-makers. In the era of big data, and when open data is becoming legally more and more available, it is important to have one place with a single data collection method. Copernicus built a permanent observatory for the ongoing observation of celestial bodies. We built an automated data observatory to permanently collect data about music.

Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal
Data Scientist & Founder of the Digital Music Observatory

My research interests include reproducible social science, economics and finance.