The Digital Music Observatory is based on open collaboration: it is a system of open data innovation and statistical data production that relies on goal-oriented yet loosely coordinated participants who interact to create actionable, high-quality data for the European music sector.


Our open collaboration has not defined an organisational structure yet. The development of the Digital Music Observatory is taking place within the Open Music Europe project. Our aim is to develop an organisational and business model that enables the Digital Music Observatory to become a part of the future European Music Observatory recognised by various EU bodies.

The open collaboration principle means that any individual or organisation can request to participate in the development of the observatory.

Content Development in the first four pillars defined by the Feasibility study for the establishment of a European music observatory is taking place in the Open Music Europe and its Consortium in partnership with the Observatory Stakeholder Network.

Platform Development and business model development is a project of Reprex, a member of the Open Music Europe consortium. The platform only uses open-source infrastructure, and interested parties are welcome to get involved.

New pillars and more data can be added into or besides the four data pillars defined by the Feasibility Study and developed by Open Music Europe. It is possible to define new pillars or deposit/donate/add further data assets to the observatory. Such add hoc requests should be sent via the Contact form.

Governance principles

  • Our data observatories integrate partner data into shared data pools. Such data integration exponentially increases the value of the contributing, small datasets, and supports data altruism and other measures of the Data Governance Act.
  • We do not centralize data and do not touch upon data ownweship. We developed a model of operations with CEEMID, where we learned to work with the various conflicts of interests and data protection rules of the music industry.