Digital Music Observatory

Digital Music Observatory

An inclusive, bottom-up, open, collaborative observatory for the European music sector.

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The Digital Music Observatory is a prototype of an open, decentralised, reproducible research-supported data observatory that follows the Feasibility Study for establishing a European Music Observatory. It is developed in the Open Music Europe Consortium supported by a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action grant from the European Commission. As an early prototype, it is not endorsed by any bodies.

We build a knowledge platform that consolidates information and data about music, emphasising creating business (institutional) and public policy indicators. The triple transition and cultural policies can be implemented and monitored better if institutions and enterprises follow the same KPIs as policymakers. To increase the value of music copyrights or to decrease CO2 emissions in the music value chain, there must be a transmission mechanism between public policy and institutional or business KPIs. We aim to provide data for music professionals, policymakers, businesses and institutions, researchers, to keep them on their desired path. We believe that our approach is generally exciting for data strategists, stewards and curators even beyond the music sector.

We are committed to the Guidelines for Open Policy Analysis.