Open Music Observatory

Open Music Observatory

An inclusive, bottom-up, open, collaborative observatory for the European music sector.

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The Open Music Observatory is a digital service provider for the music industry that follows the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) definition for such services with a unique governance model. The governance model and the digital service infrastructure represent a unique innovation that considers many good examples from the European Union and other industries.

Creating the Open Music Observatory is a cornerstone task of the OpenMusE Horizon Europe research and innovation project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe, research and innovation programme, under Grant Agreement No. 101095295. (See further disclaimer) This document has been prepared by Open Music Europe (OpenMusE) project partners as an account of work carried out within the framework of this contract. Our prototype is following the Feasibility Study for establishing a European Music Observatory. As an early prototype, it is not recognised by the European Commission or any international organisations.